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EMS PRICE on 7/4/2020 - lead time 29 days

DHL PRICE on 7/4/2020 - lead time 7-14 days


Paid 59,84 for shipping  by DHL on 16/03. 
Seller chose Aliexpress shipping first. I claim for DHL. 

Seller change for EMS. I claim again. 

EMS  has not perform custom declaration. I have to perform a VAT declaration now ! Crazy job but have to do or support penalty in the next 3 years ! I have no EMS account. 

DHL do the job and clear customs. I paid for. I have account at DHL. 

Seller make profit by selling DHL and using EMS. 

Can not upload PDF. Please see here https://www.ecole360.org/aliexpress-example-judgement


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